PROJECT | Berlin Masters 2019 | Kühlhaus Berlin | 15 – 26 October 2019



BERLIN MASTERS is a promotion platform in the form of a curated exhibition for artists under the age of 30, living and working in Berlin. Initiated by the art expert, Matthias Arndt in 2013, the BERLIN MASTERS exhibition is held annually in various prominent locations throughout Berlin and is open to the public for approximately 2 weeks. The exhibition is curated by, Philipp Bollmann.

Months prior to the exhibition date, artists are invited to apply for the OPEN CALL to present their work to the curator and advisory board members. Thereafter, 10-12 artists are selected to show their work (possibly a number of works each) in the curated exhibition. The exhibition provides a focus for curators, galleries, collectors and other professionals who are looking to discover new talent.

There are two awards attached to BERLIN MASTERS which are presented to two artists in the exhibition: The TOY BERLIN MASTERS AWARD was introduced in 2017. This is a cash prize worth 10,000 Euros.  The BERLIN MASTERS SCHLIEMANN RESIDENCY AWARD will be presented for the first time in 2019.

The organiser of BERLIN MASTERS and its various events is the non-profit BERLIN MASTERS FOUNDATION, founded in 2017. The BERLIN MASTERS FOUNDATION’s aim is to support the next generation of Berlin based artists following the completion of their education and before their entry into the professional art industry.