Kunst Film Fest #2 | Part I: Animation | 04.11.2016 | CENTRUM BERLIN


Amy Lockhart, The Collagist (2:05 min, 2009)
Amy Lockhart’s The Collagist (2009) is a paper puppet and cut out animation, which is both a portrait of the collagist Marc Bell and his artistic process. The Collagist also addresses the issue of artist’s block.

Paolo Bandinu, Walking Back Andy (3:00 min, 2014)
Paolo Bandinu in Walking Back Andy (2014) uses a different animation technique: Bandinu’s work moves through pictorial stories shaped on the canvas, constantly evolving through video montage and accompanied music in this homage to the work of Andy Warhol.

Mariola Brillowska,The Law of Celly (3:49 min, 2011)
In Mariola Brillowska’s sci-fi animation The Law of Celly (2011) the one-eyed president of the universe announces a new law to modernise unemployment obliging unemployed citizens to carry their phones with them at all times to provide for the collection of data and thus enslaving them in the service of medical, social, and behavioural research.

Marte Kiessling, Requiem for a Movie (3:09 min, 2013)
In Marte Kiessling’s Requiem for a Movie (2013) we watch the artist flick through a sketchbook, a collection of the artist’s thoughts and ideas that form a larger body of work and come to life through different animations on each page.

Sam Finn, Kapital (3:54 min, 2015)
Sam Finn’s Kapital (2015) can be interpreted as an animation illustrating the accelerationist idea, in which human history – abridged from a prehistoric bonfire to a space shuttle surrounding the globe – comes to a sudden and unexpected end.

N’Doye Douts, Train train Medina (7:02 min, 2001)
A poetic animation about the Medina of Dakar in all her beauty and chaos, built from the basic ingredients of urban collage: sand, cardboard, paper, glue and the elegant play of light and color.